Founded in 2005, Enderun Colleges has set itself apart in the academe empowered by its belief in a future-driven education. Enderun believes that learning is lifelong and extends beyond the four corners of the classroom.

Thus, Enderun Extension was created to be the college’s resource for continuing education. The Enderun Extension offers an open and comprehensive curriculum with courses and programs to meet the interests and needs of a diverse public.

This mantra holds true with the decision to expand education further and build a synergistic space that transforms meaningful conversations into thought leadership: The Enderun Conferences was then created.

The first event held by Enderun Conferences was a Digital Marketing Conference. It was a remarkable effort of a team of 5 who managed to pull off one of the team’s best conferences to date.

Since then, Enderun continues to provide informative and compelling conferences and summits that only prove education comes in many forms.