INDX Summit 2022


Job Fair 2021: Future Careers And Learning Expo

Upskilling and rebooting one's career go hand-in-hand--and as we move into the new decade, there's no time to waste. The Job Fair 2021 is a two-in-one event that gives participants the chance to attend free learning sessions, gain e-certification, and apply to prospective job opportunities.

Future Careers & Curriculum Development

The conference seeks to create an avenue for the education community to band together and pin-point strategies toward effective instruction.

VTour Expo 2020: The First Virtual Travel Fair In The Philippines

VTour Expo 2020 is a one-day virtual reality event which seeks to promote local travel and tourism opportunities. Through this event’s cutting edge interactive online exhibit, travel enthusiasts can access exclusive packages and special offers to most sought-after destinations in the Philippines.


This coming conference serves as an opportunity to learn the latest trends and techniques. It is also an avenue for a rich discussion with today’s top influencers.


LEADX 2019 aims to arm leaders to be able to run their business more effectively being provided with practical insights and skills in the areas of Human Resources, Sales and Marketing and Operations.

Mapping Out Tomorrow’s Tourism And Hospitality Ecosystem

The Tourism and Hospitality Tech Summit and Expo 2018 examines recent trends and technologies which are shaping the future of the industry.

The Hands-On Of Data Protection Compliance

Data Privacy certificate course for DPOs, brought to you by Enderun Extension.

WATER : Currents. Cycles. Convergence.


DTS2018: Fintech & Blockchain Innovation Summit

Fintech is where money meets technology. And the latest brilliant technology on everyone’s radar is Blockchain, including cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the many emerging alternative coins, whose collective market value is over 300 Billion USD!

Big Data & Analytics Summit 2017

Big Data Made Simple. Workshops Included.

Sustainability Summit 2017

The world is facing unprecedented challenges in dealing with critical issues related to sustainability. Multiple stakeholders with various interests and agendas further challenge the ability to effect change at a substantial scale.

Digital Transformation Summit 2017

Digital Transformation: A FRIEND OR A FOE?

Navigate: An Entrepreneur’s Compass To Starting Up

The leaders of tomorrow are being shaped today. Through this conference, aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs will be able to explore the horizons ahead of them and delve into insider secrets from experts who are transforming industries in this generation.

Sustainable Enterprise Summit 2016

All over the world, companies are integrating principles of sustainability in their management strategies, product designs, facility construction and operations, personnel development, and community engagement, in response to the global call for sustainable development.

Hotels And Resorts Conference

The very first conference of this magnitude, the Hotels and Resorts Careers Conference is a platform for industry leaders to tell their stories, inspire forward thinkers, and interact with next-generation leaders. At its very core, the series of talks and breakout sessions focus on career...