It is precisely during these times of crisis interior design as a discipline must step up. Creativity must be placed in the service of crafting better ways of social interactions in the spaces we inhabit. With this in mind, Enderun Colleges organised the webinar “Interior Design: Trends to Watch Out For Amidst Covid-19” on June 24, 2020.

Approximately 100 attendees tuned in to the webinar to listen to the insightful discussion provided by a panellist of experts. This included Paperspace Program Director IDr. Karen Ann Calalec, Dr Joy Gladys J. Ejercito, IDr. Kathlyn Maala-Villapando and IDr. Leslie Ledesma.

They emphasized that more people will be inclined to use voice-activated technology, and that buildings in any case are starting a shift to contactless interactions.
Such a technological shift also brings with it a paradigm shift towards remote work. Traditional workplaces used to gather employees together in one physical space for easier monitoring and management, but companies are now finding wisdom in alternative arrangements.

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