Crowdfunding is a revolutionizing way for small businesses to raise capital for their projects and business ideas. It has helped raise over $5.1 billion and successfully funded more than a million start-ups worldwide in 2013. By 2025, global crowdfunding platforms are expected to raise almost $90 billion.

Enderun Extension, JCI Manila, The Spark Project, and Crowdsourcing Week, will hold the first crowdfunding conference in the Philippines – CSW Summit Manila: Philippine Crowdfunding Conference – on March 18 at The Tent at Enderun Colleges. Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) is an international conference held in different cities such as London, Geneva, Tokyo and Singapore, and this event will be the first CSW Summit in Manila.

Participants of this conference will understand the latest trends in global crowdfunding. They will also learn how to build a successful campaign and discover the different business opportunities in the Philippines. Hear how this platform is used straight from crowdfunded businesses like CarrierPro, ProTEES Project, Kawil Tours, and AV Manila Creative Production Company. Investors may also attend this conference to understand how they can benefit from a crowdfunding program.

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