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Bring your brand to life and showcase your latest products, ideas, and innovations to hundreds of decision makers in Fintech, Ecommerce, Banking, Finance, Government, and more. INDX 2.0 provides a unique opportunity to grow, make connections, and showcase the value you bring to the table. Work with our team today to find the sponsorship opportunity that best fits your needs and budget and position your brand to remain top-of-mind in the Philippine market with any of our sponsorship packages below.
Sponsorship Benefits Co-Presenter or Ambassadors' Night Sponsor Innovation Partner Roundtable Sponsor Technology Partner Community Partner
10 minutes welcoming speech within the opening ceremony
20 minutes speaking slot within the plenary session
1-Slot in one of the panel discussions
Hosting a private roundtable to hold a focused discussion with a carefully curated audience/prospects (1 hour)
Logo placement according to sponsorship level on all event marketing collaterals, website, e-newsletter & digital ads
Corporate video to be played on the stage LED Wall before the opening and during breaks 3 minutes promotional video 2 minutes promotional video 60 secs promotional video 60 secs promotional video
1 table space for product and services display
Placement of company profiles on attendee packets or conference tables (printed materials to be provided by the sponsor/s)
VIP Conference Passes 30 Conference Ticket or 1 Dinner Table 20 Tickets 15 Tickets 10 Tickets 5 Tickets
Live acknowledgement during all event activities
Sponsorship Fee Php 1,500,000 Php 1,000,000 Php 750,000 Php 500,000 Php 250,000
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