Complex and changing, water is an interweaving force in human society. From energy and infrastructure to agriculture and public health, almost all industries and sectors interact with water in some capacity. Yet, as with any natural element, water poses risks and challenges that become more severe with extreme weather changes, rising populations, and increasing urbanization (just to name a few).

The goal of Sustainability Summit 2018 is to take the same multidimensional approach as in the previous summits to identify and discuss the more pressing issues, trends, synergies, and challenges to ideate achievable and lasting solutions for one of the world’s more critical sustainability concerns: WATER. Policymakers, Industry movers, Business leaders, NGO Professionals and Academia will be brought together in a dynamic moderated forum to discuss the more prevalent issues involving Water as it relates to: Scarcity and Wastage, Energy, Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Public Health.

The Sustainability Summit Press Launch last July 5, 2018, revealed some of the reasons why water is an often undiscussed subject in the Philippines and the pressing need to find solutions. At the press release, the panelists discussed that Filipinos often take water for granted because the country is an archipelago, surrounded by water. However, people must also remember that the water surrounding the country is salt water and is not safe for consumption. In fact, only 1% of the world’s water supply is readily consumable.
The panelists stated that the Sustainability Summit on August 1, 2018, hopes to address water as it relates to scarcity and wastage, energy and agriculture, infrastructure, and public health. It also hopes to convince the private sector to come up with solutions to address these problems.

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