The event will examine recent trends and technologies which are shaping the future of the industry. The Summit aims to equip delegates with the know-how to transform the way they attract and engage with customers, run their businesses and distinguish themselves from the competition.

It will explore topics ranging from digital tools, analytics and intelligence through artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain in hospitality, mobile technologies, digital payments, and where Big Data meets IoT.

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Enderun Colleges Director of Digital Transformation Colin Christie reiterated three major technological trends during the event’s press launch. The first, according to him, is that the smart things, like our smartphones, smart TVs, and smartwatches, only continue to be smarter.

He also pointed out how consumers expect to get something of value from the personal information they share online, like better service. This brought up the issue of data privacy and security, which will be part of the discussion in the expo.

Christie touched on the changing demographics of the consumers for the last trend. He said that the digital generation wants services that are more personal and more convenient to them.

These three major trends, according to Christie, is what he would like delegates to keep in mind during the summit.

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