Enderun Extension, the continuing education arm of Enderun Colleges, launches the first installment of its webinar series entitled, “What Makes Online Learning Work in the Time of COVID-19?” which aims to equip educators and trainers to cope with learning challenges and effectively plan and execute online learning endeavors. The speakers are composed of various industry practitioners with each topic assigned for discussion.

The speakers of the webinar point out the importance of understanding the current global concern and presenting infrastructure solutions essential for online learning.
Staying connected, finding a safe space to work and setting expectations for availability are some of the ideal solutions to make online learning effective. There are also online tools such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom that can be utilized to efficiently establish active learning among students.

Challenges and limitations such as poor internet connection, lack of technical skills and students’ level of engagement are a few of the many issues that arise with online learning. Providing feasible avenues, making materials downloadable for offline learning and exploring simulation apps and data-free platforms are a few of the ideal urgent solutions.

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