Join hundreds of the Philippine’s brightest minds in Fintech to learn and innovate your plans for a digital future.

For two days on November 22-23, 2022, INDX 2.0 will push forward insightful keynote talks, new cutting-edge technologies, and unparalleled opportunities to connect with Fintech experts.



The INDX Summit is a flagship event of Fintech Alliance.Ph and has been running since 2019, bringing together the industry leaders, practitioners and government partners involved in digital finance, digital transformation, innovation and strategy. The INDX Summit is an excellent learning and networking platform for professionals and stakeholders striving for sustainable digital transformation success.

This year, INDX Summit 2.0 agenda will focus on the theme “The Future of Digital Economy in the Philippines: Issues, Impact and Innovation” which is in parallel with the government’s national digital strategy initiatives particularly in key sectors such as; Agriculture, Education, Health, Energy, Transportation and Economy. The 2-day conference aims to build an in-depth discussion and actionable ideas through presentations, panels, insights, and learnings that will evolve within the core pillars of transformation; People, Technology and Process.

Join us and hear best practices, innovative strategies, and solutions, lessons learned and success stories from an array of industry leaders and experts.

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INDX Summit 2.0 is the right place to foster collaborations and promote inclusion of new technologies. This event will provide an excellent opportunity for companies, start-ups and industry stakeholders looking to launch new products and services on the Philippine market.

  • Meet and network face-to-face with fintech, e-commerce, banking, finance and government leaders.
  • INDX Summit 2.0 presents an unrivaled opportunity to showcase your products, ideas and innovations to major players in the Philippines & beyond.
  • Get your brand in-front of new potential partners and regulators.
  • Each INDX Summit sponsorship package is tailor-made to suit your budget and business objectives.
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Day 1| November 22, 2022

Opening Keynotes

National Digital Transformation – The Way Forward

The Philippine Digital Transformation Strategy: Addressing the Challenges and Future Prospects
This presentation will focus on how DICT is addressing key challenges such as the digital divide between standards & regulations in ecommerce, digitally competent workforce, cybersecurity readiness, budgets and investments.

The Philippine HealthTech Market: Challenges and New Opportunities
The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed transformed the healthcare norm globally, giving rise to digital health solutions that directly connect the provider and patient. This growing openness to HealthTech innovations may have huge prospects, but also presents immediate challenges that need to be addressed such as; technology access and lack of technology awareness especially in remote areas, underdeveloped healthtech infrastructure and unharmonized healthcare data.

This presentation will tackle the various issues faced by the government and healthcare industry, including the various initiatives in promoting health tech. It will share regional success stories and lessons learned from other Asian countries.

Digital Transformation of the Agricultural Value Chain: Trends, Opportunities, Challenges, Success Stories & The Role of Science
Digitalization of agriculture will make a significant contribution to solving urgent sustainability challenges that follows the design of our political, social, legal and economic framework. This presentation will share the various initiatives, success stories and recommendations towards achieving a sustainability and digital transformation in agriculture based on various perspectives, and strategic governance approach in which science and society collaborations plays a central role.

Digital Transformation and the Future of Education: Trends, Challenges Future Adoption
This presentation will look into the overall strategy or direction of digital transformation in the education sector, including addressing the skills gap to achieve meaningful digital adoption of future leaders and stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial Growth and Digital Transformation: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Grow Entrepreneurial Ventures and Micro-Small Businesses
MSMEs are essential agents of inclusive entrepreneurial growth, and the digital revolution has fundamentally affected them. As digital technologies and transformation present new opportunities and challenges, their support needs have also shifted. This presentation will explore effective and sustainable forms of support in the 21st century, propelling the growth of MSMEs.

Day 2 | November 23, 2022

Opening Keynotes

Digital Transformation – Tech Insights

Digital Transformation of The Financial Sector: Key Challenges for Competency Development
Digital transformation and emerging new technologies present a huge advantage in the development and innovation of products and services particularly of companies operating in the financial sector. However, this rapid technological advancement also means compelling individuals to upskill and develop relevant competencies.

This presentation will explore the key challenges in necessitating the development of new competencies specifically related to the use of ICT and development of talent especially in the light of digital transformation, and other knowledge-intensive technological solutions.

From Pandemic to Recovery: How FinTech’s are Driving and Enabling Economic Recoveries & Financial Inclusion
This presentation will elaborate the critical roles that fintech companies play in the national economic recovery post pandemic and its involvement as an important component particularly in government initiative programs such as financial and digital inclusion.

How AI & Metaverse Is Revolutionizing the Finance Sector
As customer expectations and behavior changes rapidly, the inclusion of digital technologies in the banking and finance sector has been an impetus to offer customers a new type of experience.

This presentation will look into how AI & Metaverse will revolutionize the banking and finance sector in terms of operation, business opportunities and the benefits to its customers? and What will be the key role of Fintech in banking in AI and Metaverse?

Trends and Update on Asian Innovation in Quantum Technology
This presentation will provide insights on the potential applications of quantum computing in financial services, its impact on operational workflows and explore if quantum tech as a service is the way forward for the financial and banking sector.

Crypto in 2023: Misconceptions, Lessons & Opportunities Ahead
In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. The cryptocurrencies market has become popular and profitable but is no
less than a roller-coaster ride as many crypto have already evaporated with the recent crash in prices. This presentation will explore the lessons, misconceptions and how the emerging technologies underpinning cryptos will transform the future nature of money and finance.

APIs, Open Banking and New Business Models
This session will explore practical examples and new business models on APIs and how open banking provides new and innovative consumer solutions to demonstrate the value of open banking and to maximize its potential to all consumer bases.

Attendees Profile

  • ✔ Senior Officials from Concerned Govt
  • ✔ Agencies / Regulatory Bodies
  • ✔ Chief Executive Officers & Founders
  • ✔ Chief Financial Officers
  • ✔ Chief Information Officers
  • ✔ Chief Technology Officers
  • ✔ Chief Security Information Officers
  • ✔ Chief Innovation Officers
  • ✔ Chief Digital Officers
  • ✔ Chief Risk Officers
  • ✔ Chief Operating Officers
  • ✔ Managing Directors
  • ✔ VPs of Finance
  • ✔ Directors of Finance
  • ✔ Heads of Finance
  • ✔ Finance Managers
  • ✔ Financial Controllers
  • ✔ Private & Institutional Investors
  • ✔ Directors of Cloud
  • ✔ Heads of Anti Money Laundering
  • ✔ Heads of Customer Experience
  • ✔ Heads of Compliance
  • ✔ Heads of Financial Regulatory
  • ✔ Heads of Payments
  • ✔ Heads of Retail Banking
  • ✔ Heads of Strategy
  • ✔ Heads of Digital Transformation
  • ✔ Heads of IT & Infrastructure
  • ✔ Heads of Mobile Banking
  • ✔ Heads of Operations
  • ✔ Heads of Policy
  • ✔ Heads of Risk Management
  • ✔ Heads of Customer Experience
  • ✔ Heads of Digital Banking
  • ✔ Heads of Mobile Banking
  • ✔ Heads of Product Development
  • ✔ Heads of Research and Development
  • ✔ Heads of Information Security
  • ✔ Heads of Insurance
  • ✔ Investment Funds
  • ✔ Management Consultants and Advisors
  • ✔ Fintech Industry Associations
  • ✔ Banking & Finance Associations
  • ✔ Trade Bodies
  • ✔ Pension Fund Managers
  • ✔ Treasury Managers
  • ✔ Accountants
  • ✔ Media

Industry Focus

National Digital Transformation

Customer Experience



Quantum Technology


Technology and Innovation for MSMEs

API’s, Open Banking and New Business Models

Cyber Security

AI/ Metaverse/ Blockchain



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